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Thank you very much for your continued support of the ADVANCE Group.

Thank you very much for your continued support of the ADVANCE Group.

ADVANCE has expended every effort for more than 30 years to support the development of new products that will lead to the expansion of Japan's manufacturing industry. I am always fully aware of the way in which we have followed our path while receiving the support of vast numbers of people in this age, in which everybody displays deep affection for their cellphones and cameras, and in which automobiles and airplanes have become indispensable parts of everyday life.

The challenges of manufacturing that we accepted when our first plant was established in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, in 1982 have enabled us to grow into the ADVANCE Group, with production branches located not only in Japan but also overseas. Our mission now is to return the favor to the vast number of people who have shown us their support over the years by providing them powerful support in the field of manufacturing in both Japan and the rest of the world.

We will also make sure that we will provide the necessary levels of training to future technicians so that they are able to inherit the high levels of technology that we have built up until now so that they can form a bridge into the future. I look forward to all companies in the Group working hard to applying their experienced technicians and the power of youth in order to create as many “Advancers” who are capable of taking charge of the future of manufacturing as possible. We constantly expend every effort to make sure that the company establishes roots in local communities through the power of our workforce and contributes to society.

The field of manufacturing in Japan is finally moving toward a crucial period. Not only North America, Europe and Japan, but also all nations of East Asia and Southeast Asia are equipped with sufficient competitiveness to take on global standards.
In alignment with our moral stance of "Creativity and Challenges" forged at the time of our establishment, we will accept all challenges inherent with the technology for producing creative prototypes in the field of manufacturing in all nations of the world. We also aim to open the doors of North America's electronics industry and automotive industry based on the essence of Japan's manufacturing in our role as a prototype manufacturer.

I sincerely hope that you will continue to provide the ADVANCE Group with your cooperation and support into the future both within Japan and overseas.

On a fine day in 2018.


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