Quality and Environmental Policies

ADVANCE Co., Ltd. acquired the international ISO14001 and ISO9001 standards certificates for the environment and quality at the same time.
We will continue to implement initiatives for quality control and environmental management under our basic principle of providing customer satisfaction.

ISO9001 ISO14001

Quality Policies

We provide timely responses to the most up-to-date technology and services based on our theme of "Creativity and Challenges", and we have established and continually improve the following quality targets to ensure that all customers place their trust in us and receive full satisfaction without fail.

Quality Policies
  • Provision of high-quality services
  • Quick response to customers
  • Improvement of human resources
  • Reduction in customer complaints

Environmental Policies

We will continue to make improvements to the environments involved in designing and processing machine parts, etc., and does everything in its power to prevent environmental contamination.

Environmental Policies
  • Sale of products that take the environment into consideration
  • Promotion of green procurement
  • Active implementation of initiatives for saving resources and energy
  • Appropriate management of waste
  • Promotion of recycling

Manager Commitments

  • Spread the word about the importance of satisfying customer needs and expectation, as well as all law and regulation requirements within the company.
  • Observe all applicable legal requirements related to the organization and environment as well as all other requirements that have been agreed by the organization, and when necessary managers will establish self-initiated standards and review and improve all business activities to ensure the prevention of contamination.
  • Quality and environmental targets will be established and reviewed in July every year for all departments that have detailed themes in effect for quality and environmental policies.
  • The efficacy of conformance to requirements and the quality management system will be improved on a continual basis.
  • In addition to assuring that all employees are provided with a full understanding of requirement conformance and quality and environmental targets, details on this will be made public in accordance with requests from outside the company.
  • The applicability of quality and environmental policies will be reviewed to ensure their continuity.
  • Management resources will be secured and provided.

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