Cutting is our specialty
Our highly trained operators have extensive experience in equipment operation as well as hand cutting, the fundamental basis of cutting.
ADVANCE boasts high precision of machining, carving and surface finishing.

Cutting is the most popular way to fabricate a prototype. Machine tools can be used for a variety of cutting procedures. It is therefore important to ensure that the cutting machine is appropriate for the shape, purpose and composition of the prototype as well as the required cutting technique.
Manufacturers in a wide range of industries trust ADVANCE to produce prototypes of precision components, external parts and headlight lenses for cameras, office equipment, vehicles, electronic devices and aerospace systems.

Over 100 cutting machines at production facilities in Japan and overseas

ADVANCE has high-precision cutting systems in place at a number of production facilities, and this gives us the ability to process large orders very quickly. Production equipment and machinery at facilities in Japan and overseas is subject to centralized control from the mother factory, allowing constant updating of production schedules 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
We boast the latest equipment and machinery, including around 80 robodrills, simultaneous 5-axis machines, machining centers and combined lathes. We use the latest CAD and CAM software to supply optimized NC programs that guarantee quality standards and dimensional accuracy in line with client requirements.

Over 100 cutting machines at production facilities around the world

Plastic cutting

Plastic cutting is our specialty at ADVANCE. We can cut ordinary engineering plastics as well as super-engineering plastics. We also have extensive experience in cutting more challenging materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastics. We can produce a wide range of prototype plastic components for cameras and other office equipment.

We have an established reputation in cutting clear plastic acrylics backed by extensive experience in fabricating prototypes such as light guides, lamps and lenses. We make cases, lenses and reflectors for prototypes of headlights for cars and motorbikes, and have total control over all processes including polishing, deposition, coating, plating, assembly and final inspection.

Plastic cutting

Metal cutting

Light metals such as aluminum and magnesium can be combined with metallic elements such as iron, copper and titanium in various different ratios in various different ways to create an enormous array of alloys, each with its own unique characteristics suited to specific applications or uses.
At ADVANCE, our engineers have a thorough understanding of the properties of various the different alloys and they use this knowledge to select the best cutting method for the material to ensure a very high level of precision on the finished prototype.
We are happy to discuss the best material to use for the prototype, in terms of the shape and purpose, as well as any queries regarding secondary processing.

Metal cutting

Simultaneous 5-axis robodrill
Simultaneous 5-axis machining center
Simultaneous 5-axis combined lathe

Conventional cutting systems require a great deal of time and effort for complex prototype shapes, because of the number of times that the machine has to be reset and repositioned and the angles readjusted manually. A simultaneous 5-axis machine eliminates the manual work altogether and can produce far more complex shapes than a conventional 3-axis cutting machine in a single setup, with no resetting required.

At ADVANCE, we have the latest 5-axis equipment at all of our facilities, which we use to deliver high-precision products to our clients in the shortest possible time.

Simultaneous 5-axis robodrill Simultaneous 5-axis machining center Simultaneous 5-axis combined lathe

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