The basic principles of customer service at ADVANCE:
Face-to-face communication
Always ready to help
Honest and reliable

ADVANCE goes to great effort to ensure your satisfaction at every step of the prototype production process and provide the highest standards of service to all clients. The key contact point in terms of customer service is the sales team, who liaise with you every step of the way, from initial quotations to ordering, consultation and advice, progress reporting, inspection and confirmation, packaging, delivery and final payment.

Let us take care of your prototype
Visit the facility to see production in progress

We encourage you to visit an ADVANCE facility for a first-hand experience of the manufacturing process. You are welcome to observe the latest machining and production equipment and inspect our quality systems and procedures. In this way, you can be confident that ADVANCE has the technical expertise and production capacity to meet and exceed your expectations. You can also peruse the confidentiality compliance mechanisms in place at ADVANCE. Rest assured that all confidential material, including prototype specifications, is subject to stringent security procedures.

* During facility visits, you will see a mock production run using a dummy prototype design.
Please note that certain sections of the facility may be off-limits due to confidentiality restrictions.

Let us take care of your prototype. Visit the facility to see production in progress

Our commitment to openness

Our sales team is committed to providing the highest standards of service to our clients. Processing procedures and quality standards are monitored constantly and clients are provided with regular updates as part of a comprehensive review process. Client feedback is actively solicited as part of our continuous improvement program.

  • お客様からのInquiries

    Initial inquiry

    We respond promptly to all quotation requests.
  • 見積内容をお打合せで確認

    Confirmation of quotation

    After checking quality requirements and delivery deadlines, the next step is to place an order.
  • 手配

    Preliminary setup

    Job details are entered into the production management system.
  • 製造上の質疑Inquiries

    Pre-production checks

    The job is discussed with the relevant production team.
  • 進捗状況チェック


    Quality standards and schedules are monitored constantly during production.
  • 最終確認

    Final inspection

    Finished products are subject to a final pre-shipment inspection.
  • 梱包・納品

    Packaging and delivery

    Products are carefully packaged for delivery.
  • ご決済・納品後もご連絡

    Payment and after-sales service

    We respond promptly to any queries regarding delivered products.

Client feedback

We guarantee to every client that the completed prototype has been produced in accordance with our stringent quality management system. After delivery we solicit feedback from the client with respect to the quality of the finished product and whether our service has met their expectations.


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