Prototype Panel Beating

ADVANCE offers sheet metal prototyping in conjunction with factories equipped with specialized advanced technology.
We provide a comprehensive service from the initial quotation to prototype manufacturing, inspection, assembly and delivery.

Industrial products are often made from a combination of plastic, metal and sheet metal. Procurement of prototype products requires sourcing of different materials for the components to be assembled, which requires considerable time and effort.

ADVANCE provides centralized management of quality and delivery schedules for sheet metal prototypes as part of the prototype production process. Advance uses batch control to minimize the time involved in the sourcing of materials, which shortens lead times and speeds up checking processes, thus delivering benefits to our clients.

Sheet metal prototyping is a statement of manual craftsmanship

Sheet metal manufacturing of prototypes requires manual skills suited to small-lot production. At ADVANCE, we use a long-established dedicated prototype factory to make our sheet metal prototypes. This factory has considerable experience and expertise in fashioning sheet metal by hand with high levels of precision. The combination of dedication, skill and craftsmanship produces a sheet metal prototype with incredible standards of hand-made precision.

Sheet metal prototyping is a statement of manual craftsmanship.

Drawing: subjected to the most exacting quality control

Drawing shapes can be extremely complex and difficult to produce. It takes an experienced engineer with decades of experience to successfully make a drawing.
ADVANCE has managed to substantially reduce the manufacturing costs and processing time associated with small-lot production of drawing shapes by employing a technique that requires a high degree of skilled craftsmanship and uses a unique type of basic laminated die rather than a standard mass production press die.

Drawing: subjected to the most exacting quality control

Entrust your prototype to a team of professionals

ADVANCE uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and precision handcrafting skills to fashion even the most intricately shaped sheet metal prototypes, with great precision and attention to detail in a short space of time.

We utilize both the technology and facilities of ADVANCE and affiliated factories such as machining centers and wire cutting to make dies for drawing processes.

In order to maintain quality inspections at the same level, we have a quality control system with thorough technical cooperation.

Entrust your prototype to a team of professionals

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