Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. The term "Personal Information" is defined by ADVANCE Co., Ltd. as information belonging to individuals that can be used to identify those individuals. In further detail, this refers to the name, date of birth and other information, together with voice prints and images, and includes other information that may be cross-referenced to discover the information of the individual concerned.
  2. With regard to the acquisition, use and provision of personal information, ADVANCE Co., Ltd. will use appropriate methods of obtaining information having received the permission of individuals when attempting to acquire said information.
    Individuals will also be informed of the objectives for using personal information in advance, and the company will only use said information within the range of these objectives.
    When personal information in possession of the company is to be provided to third parties, the company will perform all necessary procedures demanded by law for this, and obtain the permission of the individuals concerned.
  3. Objectives for Using Personal Information: ADVANCE Co., Ltd. will collect personal information for the following objectives in order to provide support so that the individual concerned is able to obtain the position of employment desired.
    1. The registration procedures required for dispatching staff to other companies and introducing them for employment recruitment purposes
    2. For introducing individuals to employment positions
    3. For the provision of work information
    4. For the purpose of providing information on training seminars
    5. For the purpose of ADVANCE Co., Ltd.'s staff recruitment activities
  4. Appropriate Personal Information Management: ADVANCE Co., Ltd. will establish all appropriate security management measures to prevent personal information from being illegally accessed, lost, modified and damaged, etc. Also, various initiatives will be implemented to maintain the sustained protection of personal information, including assigning people to be in charge of personal information management, and carrying out internal training and other forms of education on the protection of personal information on a regular basis.
  5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties: Personal information will not be provided to third parties unless the express permission for this has been granted by the individual concerned. However, personal information will be provided to third parties under the circumstances listed below.
    1. In accordance with laws and regulations
    2. When provision is necessary in order to protect others from fatalities or injuries and to protect personal assets in cases where it is difficult to obtain the permission of the individual concerned
    3. When it is necessary to cooperate with domestic institutions, regional public organizations and others entrusted with the work of these bodies to maintain the execution of their duties as stipulated by law, and when there is a risk of obtaining the permission of the individual concerned resulting in the hindrance of said duties
  6. Subcontracting the Handling of Personal Information: In the event of the handling of personal information being subcontracted to third parties, ADVANCE Co., Ltd. will select subcontractors based on compliance programs, and ensure that the subcontractor handles said personal information in an appropriate manner. ADVANCE Co., Ltd. will continually provide guidance and initiate regular audits to ensure that the subcontractor has established appropriate measures for managing the handling of personal information in the same way as ADVANCE.
  7. Requests for Disclosure, Correction and Termination of Use: The owner of personal information held by ADVANCE Co., Ltd. maintains the right to request its disclosure. In the event of a request for disclosure being received, the company will confirm the bona fides of the person concerned in accordance with rules established by ADVANCE, and then disclose the information concerned. Note that information will not be disclosed in the event of it being impossible to confirm the bona fides of the person concerned.
    In the event of errors being discovered in personal information disclosed in accordance with requests from owners, said errors will be corrected immediately upon request by the person concerned. The company will also immediately terminate the use of personal information if requests to cease and desist are received from owners.

The Handling of Personal Information

ADVANCE Co., Ltd. will establish the protection of personal information as one of the top priorities for company activities, and is fully aware that personal information must be handled appropriately and that implementing safety management to prevent information from leaking is a vital social responsibility for a company. In order to ensure that this responsibility is met, the company will continue to maintain, manage and improve the ways for appropriately handling personal information by enacting personal information protection policies, and making sure that all executives and employees abide by the policies enacted.
Date of Enactment : 2005年6月1日
株式会社アドバンス 代表取締役社長 加藤 英次

Basic Policies Pertaining to the Protection of Personal Information

  1. ADVANCE Co., Ltd. will clarify and obtain the permission of the people concerned when collecting, using and providing personal information.
  2. ADVANCE Co., Ltd. will store the personal information entrusted to us under stringent management conditions, and implement all appropriate levels of security and revision to prevent personal information from being illegally accessed, lost, damaged, modified and leaked, etc., in order to maintain the accuracy of the information and guarantee its safety.
  3. ADVANCE Co., Ltd. will strictly observe all laws and other regulation that apply to the protection of personal information.
  4. ADVANCE Co., Ltd. will review the company's compliance program periodically and when deemed necessary and continually improve it in order to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately and safely.

Inquiries: ADVANCE Co., Ltd., Management Department, Personnel Affairs Section TEL:048-476-0531

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