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Welcome to ADVANCE

ADVANCE Co., Ltd. is currently soaring toward the next step of prototype manufacturing. The ADVANCE Group is expanding its prototype manufacturing plants into North America and Asia to support the development of manufacturing companies and the future of new product development.

The meaning of the company name "Advance" is to "forge ahead" and "take great strides," but it also means to "provide" and "suggest." We provide suggestions that incorporate the skills and techniques that we have at our disposal for supplying optimal prototypes for the development of new products that affect the future of our client companies. We are capable of progressing with the manufacture of prototypes faster than any other company, and we always expend every effort to ensure the success of new product development. Whether you are located within Japan or overseas, feel free to consult with your best partner, the ADVANCE Group, about anything regarding the manufacture of prototypes.

ADVANCE, the future of creativity and challenges

ADVANCE, the future of creativity and challenges

Corporate Policies

We will contribute to society under the principle of "Creativity and Challenge."

  • Achievement of a comfortable lifestyle through development of the company
    All employees take part in company activities while aiming at improving the prosperity of their own lifestyles.
  • Creating products with an unrelenting sense of self-improvement and pride.
    We constantly maintain a sense of self-improvement to provide customers with optimal products.
  • Responding to even small tasks in a timely fashion with up-to-date technology and services.
    We provide optimal services based on the latest technology no matter how small the product.
  • Never forgetting our appreciation for all collaborators.
    We will never forget our appreciation for everybody who has cooperated with us.
  • Responding to sustainable business affairs that take environmental conservation into account for the next generation.
    We are satisfying our social responsibility and mission to conserve the environment.

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